Kotty questions from trans men

Can dose of testosterone be reduced post hyterectomy and salpingo oophorectomy?

What do you advise for scalp hair loss in Trans men?

Does Nebido cause more hair loss than testagel?

Can a Trans man do anything to encourage beard growth and how long should he wait before he considers a facial hair transplant?

Why do they allow long-term cyproterone acetate in some countries and not in the UK?

How to deal with breakthrough bleeding on T – I started it and bleeds are lighter but have not stopped.
What is the evidence (if any) that T causes endometrial hyperplasia (thickening) as other reports suggest endometrial thinning?

Most countries do not offer pelvic scans every 2 years – is this still How soon will alternatives to cervical smear come to market?

Are trans men who take testosterone over a long time period at increased risk for osteoporosis?

Who should have DEXA scans?

Is there a link between Testosterone and Fibromyalgia? Which testosterone changes are dose-related? Which combination of changes go together? I want slimmer hips, a slightly lower voice and no facial or body hair and no menstruation and don’t really want bottom growth (clitoromegaly) and do not want scalp hair loss. What is the best strategy?

I started testosterone and now decided to stop and I am worried my voice is too deep. Do you think there is a chance it will go back to the female range?

After one year of testosterone do the ovaries still produce any oestrogen?

I am still having PV intercourse but it is painful but I worry oestrogen PV will slow my changes down. Any advice?